Job Coaching

Before you consider doing an email blast with your resume to all of the job boards in the country, you may want to consider the many reasons why career coaching can be helpful to a candidate whether you are just starting your first job search or you are a veteran job seeker. Hunting for a new position can be daunting. There are the usual considerations: skill, location, salary, type of work you like. Then there are the not so obvious considerations: health of the company, company culture, corporate values, ethics and management style. Finally there is the reputation of the hiring manager and opportunity for advancement. We are able to add value to your job search and the interviewing process because we know many of the details that make a difference in the interviewing process: interviewing topics, interviewer backgrounds, key points of interest.

A career change is like an adventure where you can choose to take a knowledgeable guide along or go it alone. Even the most accomplished leader enlists the help of advisors, sometimes at the cost of a very high consulting fee. This service is free to you because our fees are paid by the corporation that hires you. While it is in our best interest to help you succeed, it is also in our best interest to make sure you are well placed and happy in order to maintain our reputation.