Client Services

Carlson Food Careers (CFC) offers services to clients of all sizes.  CFC’s searches are initiated by a verbal or written agreement with you.  The search is customized to fit your unique needs.  We have an extensive network of contacts that we have developed in our 30 years of experience in the food industry. Our reputation is based on a strong dedication to ethics, striving to do what is best for all parties and customer service.

Developing relationships with both the client and the candidate is very important to us throughout the process. Our practice is to stay involved in the process so that the trusting relationship built between the recruiter and the candidate will be transferred to you, the client.  We are careful to ensure a smooth transition as the candidate becomes your employee.

We look forward to demonstrating the valuable benefits we offer to you, our client.

"Your cover letters summarizing the candidate's strengths and a summary of the profile are a great help to me!  This is a unique service from your firm that differentiates you from the others."
- Hiring Manager (Client)